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                  Customer Service
                地  址 :苏州市黄桥我們等消息就好了工业区南2号
                电  话 :0512-88188130
                E-mail :sales@boliypower.com
                问与答   Questions

                How is it that the Boliy generator is so much lighter than other generators (Honda-Yamaha) with more power output?
                The Boliy utilizes DSP (Digital Signal Processing) which allows for more efficient power output. The case is made from a molded plastic that is durable and weather resistant.

                How many colors does Boliy have?
                Boliy has 3 colors: Red, Blue, Yellow.

                Does Boliy have a electric start model?
                Yes, Boliy has electric start generator, the weight only 35KG, no power lossing, the rated power is also 3KW.

                Is the Boliy as quiet as a Honda?
                The Boliy is a very quiet unit. It is factory rated at 53-58db at 7 meters (21 feet). The Honda EU3000is is rated at 49-58db.

                What are the advantages of generating BOLIY?
                1. The world’s most advanced inverter generator with true DSP digital signal processing and pure sine-wave output.`
                Quiet, Light Weight, Variable Engine speed and up to 8 times quieter than conventional generators.
                2. Will power 15000 BTU RV rooftop AC units.
                3. Included 30 Amp RV Receptacle (TT-30R) for easy RV Connection.
                4. Maximum output 3300W, Rated Output – 3000W at 120V (60Hz) with 12V, 8Amp DC Charging (cord Included).
                5. Saving at least 40% Gasoline over conventional generators, you can pay for this generator with the savings alone. (It has the best fuel consumption for any generator of its power class making it the greenest in its class)
                6. Noise Level from 53 to 58 dB at 23 feet.
                7. 4.5 to 16 hours run time on a tank of gas.
                8. ONLY 68 LBS.

                Digital Inverter Generators
                One of the challenges of power generators today is combining compact size and low noise with environmentally friendly emissions. One answer to these needs has come through the development of digital inverter generators. These smart, reliable, and quiet units produce smooth and consistent electrical output. Sine-wave inverter generators are suitable for sensitive digital electronics that most conventional generators won’t work well over an extended period. BOLIY power offers you the best in specifications and features of all digital inverter generators made today and because its DSP microprocessor works at 200 times the speed of the transistor technology it is instantly powers to rated power and is not working nearly as hard as other digital units even though it is putting out more power so it is much less likely to overload.

                BOLIY Digital Generators are portable and Light Weight
                BOLIY digital inverter generators are approximately 50 to 75% lighter than other standard generators because the alternator is directly connected to the engine and the flywheel is therefore eliminated. BOLIY is 40 to 50% lighter than other digital inverter generators because of design, DSP technology, and power conversions rate. The voltage is constantly adjusted to maintain at 120V by the computer inverter module. The light weight design makes them ideal for transportation with no need for bulky wheels and extending handles.

                BOLIY Generators are Quiet
                BOLIY digital inverter generators have a new two-tiered noise dampening system. The result is the noise emitted by these generators is 15 to 20 dB less than traditional generators and less than most other silent digital. This translates to many times quieter than conventional generators.

                BOLIY Generators are EPA Approved
                BOLIY high-performance combustion system reduces emission levels to the lowest limit. Each BOLIY comes with an EPA label.

                BOLIY Generators Provide High Quality Power
                The power wave of this generator set is a perfect sine-wave. This produces a "clean" power output that can run precision equipment or instruments sensitive to any disruptive voltage fluctuations, such as desktop computers, life-supports, etc. Use of non-sine wave power generators (most conventional generators), may over time, damage this type of equipment.

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